Friday, December 05, 2008

The Enemy Within (Featuring Peter Green and Mick Green)

The Enemy Within
(Featuring Peter Green and Mick Green)
"A Touch Of Sunburn" 1986 Uk
aka "Two Greens Make A Blues"

Originally titled A Touch Of Sunburn and later, Two Greens Make A Blues this electronic Blues experiment was one of the most original and charismatic albums of the 80s. Featuring guitarists Peter Green (ex-Fleetwood Mac), Mick Green, Gypie Mayo and Ed Deane, this reissue includes two bonus tracks with remastered sound and insightful liner notes.

Seriously damaged Beefheart'ian inspired blues record from the 1980's. Kinda like if early Chrome decided to make a Beefheart Album. Lots of cool early 80s drum machines, filtered guitar sounds and goofball lyrics.

Very rare and hard to find. This was later issued in the 1990's as "Peter Green and Mick Green - Two Greens Make a Blues" though the Green's only are noted as playing on a few tracks on this album.
The mysterious band leader is known as "The Raven."

Download here,
The Enemy Within


Lazlo Kovacs said...

This record blew my mind. Thanks, man.

Anonymous said...

this looks really interesting.
thanx for sharing!

Anonymous said...

just discovered this blog.
spent the last couple of hours going through the archives, so many great stuff. thank you very much for making all this wonderful stuff available.
definitely going to start checking this place out on a weekly basis.

thank you

Fred G. Sanford said...

I love my vinyl of this.
I picked up this hairy vinyl at the WFMU record fair a few years ago.
WHo in hell is 'the raven' anyway?
and.. Peter Green? Well I had heard the name someplace... Did not know he was in (the) Fleetwood Mac until I read it in this blog.
so, thanks very much, and keep up the good work.

KiDG said...

Thanks man....your blog rocks!

BTW, any chance of re-up that first link? It's dead now. Cheers!

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FM SHADES said...

Link is updated, enjoy!

KiDG said...

That was quick! You're awesome.

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Totally Deranged said...

THANKS MAN! This is gold!