Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Joe Meek - "Meeky Meeky Random Flakes Vol 1 & 2"

Joe Meek
"Meeky Meeky Random Flakes Vol 1 & 2"

Random and oddball unfinished recordings by Joe Meek. Legendary English producer who made most of his recordings in his London flat. A truly damaged visionary!

"Meek was obsessed with the occult and the idea of "the other side". He would set up tape machines in graveyards in a vain attempt to record voices from beyond the grave, in one instance capturing the meows of a cat he claimed was speaking in human tones, asking for help. In particular, he had an obsession with Buddy Holly (claiming the late American rocker had communicated with him in dreams) and other dead rock and roll musicians.

His professional efforts were often hindered by his paranoia (Meek was convinced that Decca Records would put hidden microphones behind his wallpaper in order to steal his ideas), drug use and attacks of rage or depression. Upon receiving an apparently innocent phone call from Phil Spector, Meek immediately accused Spector of stealing his ideas before hanging up angrily.

Meek's homosexuality - illegal in the UK at the time - put him under further pressure; he had been charged with "importuning for immoral purposes" in 1963 and was consequently subjected to blackmail. In January 1967, police in Tattingstone, Suffolk, discovered a suitcase containing the mutilated body of Bernard Oliver. According to some accounts, Meek became concerned that he would be implicated in the murder investigation when the Metropolitan Police stated that they would be interviewing all known homosexuals in the city.

On 3 February 1967, the eighth anniversary of Buddy Holly's death, Meek killed his landlady Violet Shenton and then himselfwith a single barreled shotgun that he had confiscated from his protegé, former Tornados bassist and solo star Heinz Burt at his Holloway Road home/studio. Meek had flown into a rage and taken the gun from Burt when he informed Meek that he used it while on tour to shoot birds. Meek had kept the gun under his bed, along with some cartridges. As the shotgun had been registered to Burt, he was questioned intensively by police, before being eliminated from their enquiries."

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Joe Meek


øשlqaeda said...

stellar post mang. welcome bach

Petro Earl said...

Holy Shit! This is just what the proverbial doctor ordered. Thanks a ton. I suck-on Owlqaeda's well wishing. Yours is one of my flavorite bloggins!

Roger Camden said...

Joe Meek--

always relevant as a sonic pioneer



always obscured/soured by his tragic life

Tim said...

thank you SO MUCH for this!
I've long been a fan of Meek, and after hearing his demo of "Telstar" on the A to Z outsider music comp, I've wondered what other half-finished nuggets there were floating around out there
listening to this right now is like a dream come true!

D. Klein said...

Fantastic! Thank you.

so glad you're back! Love your fine posts